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Let's Go Deep!

A lot of my new clients are searching for a deeper massage than their normal therpist is able to offer. Let me explain WHY Ashiatsu massage goes deeper than a "normal" massage.

The broad surface of the feet enable the client to relax into the strokes. It’s known to induce deep relaxation quickly. With Ashiatsu, the pressure can be applied as deep as necessary, because therapist can engage the whole body to perform the moves unlike only the upper body strength with regular deep tissue massage.

Ashiatsu massage can be as relaxing as Swedish and as light and painless if you want it to be. Typically, just 20 minutes of Ashiatsu can do what takes an HOUR of Swedish massage to achieve! Ashiatsu allows the massage professional to use consistent pressure, compression, and gravity.

Clients feel stretched, relaxed, with less pain and dreaming about their next appointment.

If you are in need of a deep massage that will leave you balanced, and refreshed make sure to book your massage today!

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