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Tiffany Schonert was born and raised in the Phoenix area, and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Phoenix for seven years.  For the last two years she has owned and ran her own massage business, the Healing Soles Massage in Scottsdale. 

Since she was a child Tiffany always wanted to help people.  She realized she wanted to help people through massage therapy while she was in her early 20’s and while going through the course work for her licensing she knew that she loved what she was learning. She knew then that she wanted to help people that were suffering from aches and pains and also help them through hard times in their lives. 

She is most passionate about helping her clients with their healing and fixing problems they may have.  Because Tiffany’s current clients range in age from 30 to 60 years old, she is very used to adapting her massages to fit each individual clients’ needs.  Massage therapy is always changing and adapting, and she loves that she is always learning new things in order to help her clients. Most of Tiffany’s clients are full time residents, and it is important to Tiffany to adapt to her clients’ needs.  With this in mind she doesn’t always do the same massage.  She says “I can change each massage as my clients needs change through time”.  As Tiffany says, it is very important to work closely with her clients to ensure that “I do what I do to help people feel better help make their life better and happier”. To speak with Tiffany directly, please fill out the form on the Contact Page. 

Tiffany Schonert is our licensed massage therapist as well as the owner of Healing Soles Massage Therapy.

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I have been seeing Tiffany for a couple of years now. I consider myself a "special needs" client because I have improbably tight muscles. I also workout really hard and my body needs serious attention to heal, recover and consistently do the things I ask it to do. Tiffany has the golden touch! She truly takes a vested interest in my well-being. Her sweet, caring demeanor always puts me at ease. Her technique is excellent and always toes the line between relaxing and deep tissue work. I've seen many massage therapists in my life and Tiffany is my favorite. I'll bet she'll be yours also.

Jon M- Yelp

I own and operate a house cleaning business and also have a chunky monkey baby I carry around... The knots I get are endless... :( but Tiffany just rocked my million knots out of my body and painful shoulder like a boss!!!! I got so comfortable and feel asleep I jumped up awake forgetting where I was!!! I will be back monthly for sure!!! Highly recommend!!

Jen Armstrong- Facebook

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